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Rigid heddle loom "Weaving"
16 605 RUB
Delivery time: ships out within 7 - 14 days
Weight: 7.9 Kg
Package length: 95
Width: 20
Height: 30

Availability: 6

The kit included: loom, loom stand, boat shuttle and cardboard sticks.

It is high-quality and inexpensive loom using which you can begin to weave and create wonderful products: to try your own hand, to practice with children as well as to disassemble it and take it with you when you travel.

The presence of a second reed in a loom allows you to create not only linen, but also twilled fabrics.

Rigid 30/10 cm allows weaving rugs, scarves, tippets, bags and fabrics of thick yarn and yarns of medium thickness. A comb with the density 40-50 yarns/10 cm allow you to make fabrics from thinner yarns.

The loom is made of birch plywood and birch array of good quality. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and has reliable attachments - metal butterfly nut.

Complete with the loom there is everything needed: warping peg, 2 shuttles and knife for nailing weft yarns, fastening to the table, assembly instruction.

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