Weaving temple (stretcher) (Code: Ш)

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Weight: 0.3 Kg
Package length: 60
Width: 5
Height: 5

Availability: 67

Stretcher help to make an even edge at the woven product, fixing and stretching it to the desired width. Can be used for weaving various fabrics, scarves, rugs and other products.

The stretchers of our workshop are made of quality wood. They are regulated in the following ranges:
29 - 40 cm;
40 - 60 cm;
60 - 90 cm;
75 - 120 cm.
The length of the tool in the store is indicated by the maximum size of the adjustment.

Ждана, 21.01.2018
Быстрое изготовление и доставка!
Заказала себе для работы на разных станках 3 варианта длины. Осваиваю, вникаю в тонкости работы, получаю удовольствие от удобства ткачества!
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Manufacturer: OSNOWA workshop
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