OSNOWA workshop - a community of people involved in the development of your favorite craft - weaving.

The main direction of our activity is the development and production of looms and tools.

Having studied in detail the domestic and foreign market of weaving equipment, we came to the conclusion that it is difficult for a novice and even a person familiar with this topic to orient and pick up something with which to start learning weaving. Mostly on the market are either inexpensive and often poor quality, or thorough, but very expensive weaving looms and tools. We decided to correct this situation and started developing our own equipment, which is in the middle position: high-quality inexpensive looms, tools and components. Dozens of positive responses in social networks testify that we are coping with this task.

We do not just produce weaving looms, but we try to create really comfortable and high-quality equipment!

The first rigid heddle loom "Weaving" we developed and tested for about a year. At the moment, we produce several modifications of weaving looms, accessories to them and tools for weaving. Constantly the development of new looms and tools is being carried out, the existing models are being improved.

Contact us

IE Yudina
11 Shaumyana st.
Russian Federation, 344082

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