Set of looms OLANGA (Code: НР002)

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950 RUB
Weight: 0.2 Kg
Package length: 21
Width: 21
Height: 1

Availability: Unlimited

A set of small weaving frames on which you can weave small decorative tapestries and ornaments.

The kit also includes a tool for weaving a cord of 5 - 7 strands!

This set will be interesting both for adults and children. If you want to try to weave, learn to weave beautiful multi-colored cords, create jewelry and gifts - this is a great option!

Frames made of birch plywood.

The kit includes: 4 frames, a tool for weaving a cord (in the center) and 4 needles for weaving.

The diameter of the smallest is 4", the largest - 8".

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