Four harness table loom (Code: )

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Delivery time: ships out within 7 - 14 days
Weight: 11 Kg
Package length: 95
Width: 30
Height: 30

Availability: 38

Four-shaft weaving loom based on the rigid heddle loom "Weaving". This is a small lightweight model of the loom.

On this loom you can weave plain and twil fabrics and rugs.

The loom can be equipped with heddles Texsolv. To calculate the amount of heddles, it is necessary to multiply the reed's density by the width.

You can purchase a loom without a heddles and link them yourself. The kit includes a tool for knitting and brief instructions for making them.

Reed is not included. It can be purchased separately:

The loom is available in widths of 24" and 32".

Presentation of the loom on our YouTube channel

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Manufacturer: OSNOWA workshop
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