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Weight: 0.2 Kg
Package length: 50
Width: 7
Height: 2

Availability: Unlimited

Double-edged pick-up stick for creating belts and other products in various weaving techniques. Allows you to scroll patterns with both ends of the tool, which is convenient when creating complex artwork.

Unlike a weaving sword, it has two working edges (sharpened on both long sides).

It is made by hand from birch, well polished, and covered with colorless oil.
Width: 25 mm.
Thickness: approx. 5 mm.

mariya_gusakova@mail.ru, 12.11.2020
Соглашусь с предыдущим отзывом очень легкая даже для 80 см рабочей длины бральница гладко отшлифованная для работы одно удовольствие. Спасибо!
suvorova89, 14.06.2018
Очень гладкая, легкая и ухватистая бральница. Отшлифована идеально!
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