Rigid heddle loom "Baby" (Code: )

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Weight: 2.3 Kg
Package length: 45
Width: 15
Height: 11

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This loom is designed to familiarize with weaving of children and adults! This will delight in home creativity and will become a real find for master classes.
The weaving process is very simple and fun! The reed moves its hands up and down and is inserted into the grooves. Children can weave on their own, weaving perfectly develops fine motor skills - these are coordinated movements of the small muscles of the fingers and hands. They are important not only for performing various daily activities, but also for stimulating brain development. The development of fine motor skills contributes to the development of speech, memory, attention, has a positive effect on the whole organism.
The width of the working area is 12". This allows you to create fabrics up to 30 cm wide - scarves, blanks for bags, napkins, and much more! And if you sew the strips, you can get large items - clothes, decorative pillowcases, bedspreads, everything your fantasy tells you! The design of the machine allows you to weave products several meters long. The thinner the thread, the greater the length of the warp that will fit on the shaft.
The density of the reed 7,5 dpi (7,5 dent per inch) allows you to weave with threads of medium thickness, about 170-300 m / 100g.
This little loom is very quick and easy warping (children may need the help of adults).
The loom is easily assembled on the wedges, like a building kit, it is quite possible for the child to assemble it! It has a solid, reliable design, all parts are perfectly fitted to each other, the base of the loom is rigid and does not bend.
The weight of the loom is only 1100 g!
The kit has everything you need to get started:
-two flat shuttles;
-fastening the loom to the table;
-the warping peg;
-instruction for assembly and warping.

Alex26470@yandex.ru, 27.12.2020
Станок пришел даже раньше планируемого срока. Легко собирается, детали подгоняются очень плотно. Для начинающего меня отлично. По качеству материалов - фанера есть фанера, кое где появились маленькие занозы после первого применения. Наждачка имеется в комплекте, так что все быстро исправляется.
По мне - станок идеален тем, кто знакомится с ткачеством и не хочет много тратить.
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