Rigid heddle loom "Enisey" (Code: )

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Desktop folding rigid heddle loom
23 950 RUB
Delivery time: ships out within 30 - 35 days
Weight: 5.8 Kg
Package length: 125
Width: 20
Height: 11

Availability: Unlimited

Folding loom "Enisey" is a convenient, beautiful and high-quality loom on which you can creating beautiful products, and, most importantly, it can be easily folded and laid out with your work, take it with you on a trip, to a workshop and anywhere!

The loom is made of solid beech, it is quite light and folded does not take up much space, but at the same time it is durable, has a reliable, rigid structure and you can weave on it with pleasure!

The loom is equipped with a plastic reed with a density of 30 threads per 10 cm, which allows you to create a variety of work on it. Reed 30/10 allows you to weave rugs, scarves, stoles, bags, fabrics of thick yarn, and yarn of medium thickness.

Dimensions of the loom in working condition: 80x22x135 (95) cm;

when folded - 50x32x135 (95) cm.

Working area is 120 cm!

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