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90 000 RUB
Delivery time: ships out within 30 - 35 days
Weight: 19 Kg
Package length: 120
Width: 50
Height: 50
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A traditional loom with 8 shaft.

Equipped with an original spring mechanism for the control of the shafts, allowing you to remove the load from the pedals, which provides minimal effort when working behind the loom. The control of the reed is made on linear bearings, which ensure the comfortable work of the weaver and the ability to regulate the height of the throat. The design also allows you to remove reed while refilling the warp threads, which greatly simplifies the work of the master. Each pedal, if necessary, can control several slots simultaneously. The commodity shaft are controlled by means of ratchet wheels made of steel, which ensures a long service life of the mechanism. Heddles and the strapping of the loom are made using well-proven materials from TEXSOLV. The maximum width of the woven fabric is 90 cm.

The loom can be equipped with built-in staves, the mechanism of sectional warping of threads, LED source of local illumination, fastening patterns of textile patterns, bench for weaver.
The cost of the loom can be changed at the request of the customer, provided the loom configuration is changed.
The loom is made of oak, covered with oil and wax.

Custom made to order. The manufacturing time is 30-40 days.

Sectional shaft and equipment for warping is sold separately.

The height of the loom is 120 cm, width - 107 cm, depth - 90 cm.

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