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A new book by E.I. Osipova "Patterned Weaving. Novgorod Traditions and Modernity."
Your attention is offered: schemes - tied to technological receptions, explanatory notes to them, samples of products of masters of the late XIX - early XX century. and their modern copies. The book provides an opportunity to master various technological methods of traditional patterned weaving of the Novgorod region. It presents ethnographic and reconstructed weaving equipment and tools. According to the proposed methods, the reader will be able to master the processes of warping the warp threads, filling the loom, and reading the diagrams. The publication complements brief information about the history of creation and work experience on the territory of the Novgorod gubernia of the “Weaving Schools” at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th c. level. The collection of information on ethnographic tissues took place during the expedition activity from 1992 to 2010. Presented 14 technological methods of traditional patterned weaving, towels, calculations and warping basics, dressing loom.

220x290 format, 184 pages.

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