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The book provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of one of the most ancient and widespread in the Novgorod region types of women's crafts - weaving. It tells about the ancient secrets of flax cultivation, the manufacturing techniques of linen thread. Modern and ethnographic samples of weaving equipment and tools are presented, methods for their manufacture are given. The reader will get acquainted with the processes of warping, threading the warp threads, various technological methods of machine, manual, frame weaving; learn to read patterns He learns a lot of interesting things about the use of woven products in peasant life, festive and ceremonial culture, traditional costume. The book is widely represented collections of fabrics, belts, rugs, traditional Novgorod costume of the late XIX - early XX century. The publication is supplemented with brief information about the history of V. Novgorod, its craft traditions.

The author - Osipova E.I.

Format of the publication - 235x305

Number of pages - 216

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